There are pros and cons to picking out a heavy duty retractable dog leash

There are also pros and cons when you shop for implements necessary for your dog. The internet is the best thing since sliced bread. There is just so much information to sift through that can always be helpful for customers to make sensible choices. Unfortunately, the internet is also a free for all for those retailers who insult the public with inferior products that break down easily and end up being a waste of money, time and trouble.

heavy duty retractable dog leash

While it does not take long for shipped goods to reach your address these days, the time it takes for you to be refunded for your own bad choices is not as swift, if the refund happens at all. Fortunately, many customers have adopted the well-used practice of narrowing down their choices to just a few. And in regard to a heavy duty retractable dog leash the consumer choices are made all the more easy when they are accompanied by straightforward reviews that give the facts of the matter.

Standard practice in these reviews, always helpful to the customers, is to offer both pros and cons. And when it comes to heavy duty retractable leashes for active and robust dogs and their less agile owners, we can make the offer of a few choice examples. The Aipet leash is well-known to dog connoisseurs. Also, many customers have been happy to offer their fellow readers rave reviews, so pleased have they been with the results.

But not even in a bad way, even these superior brands have their cons. For instance, the upfront warning has been given that such a leash is not ideal for dogs that are large and weighing more than twenty five pounds. The ribbon lead is also not practical for dogs that have a happy habit of pulling or tugging on their leads with their excitement to walk further. And Aipet’s line is not ideal for nighttime walking because there is no reflective neon lighting on the leash.

But there are cons as well. A lifetime warranty accompanies a quality product. Cord length goes up to ten feet, making the leash ideal for comfortable walking for both dog and its owner. The handle that owners use is also ergonomically designed. The ribbon lead design is sophisticated in the sense that the lead is also useful for dog training. While there is no neon lighting, customers still have a variety of colors to choose from purely for aesthetic purposes.

Another heavy duty leash on the market is branded as the Cloud 9. This leash has up to sixteen feet of leash length. But not necessarily appealing to purists is the calling card that this leash is designed for all breeds and sizes. And for easy handling there is a push button lock mechanism. Only two leash brands were given here by way of example to show what good information does for dog owners who need to know the facts about the products they are viewing.