What Causes Dampness in the Home?

If your home is not waterproofed, or damp proofed, as some people call it, there are many dangers that lurk for you. These dangers can potentially devastate your home, costing thousands of dollars to repair. There are many cause of dampness around the house, but the exact cause doesn’t matter because the damage left behind is one in the same.

You should call damp proofing specialists to waterproof your home if it is not already. Waterproofing the home is valuable in so many ways and adds peace of mind and protection that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Waterproofing adds value to the house, too, so if you decide to sell later on, it’ll move off the market faster, and at a price that you want. The benefits of waterproofing are numerous, so make sure that you phone damp proofing specialists immediately to prevent any greater damage from occurring.

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Cause of Dampness in the House

Rain is something that we need. It helps flowers blossom into the beautiful, colorful creations we love, and helps plants thrive. But, sometimes rain is too much and we’re left with problems, especially when the house is not protected against damage. Mold is one of the biggest problems you will face when the house is not waterproofed.

Some of the most common reasons of dampness and damage inside the house that is not waterproofed:

·    Leaks: Oftentimes, leaks are a major cause of dampness in the house. A leak can cause wood to rot, cause a dampened area, and mold growth. Oftentimes a leak is reserved to only one area, so look for patches and respond to them accordingly if you suspect a leak. Ensure that drains and downspouts aren’t blocked so rain can flow away properly, and ensure that the window frame and window sill are properly fitted to prevent damage.

·    Rising Dampness: Rising dampness occurs when there is dampness only on the bottom of the walls or another area. It is oftentimes caused by a damp proof course gone bad.

·    Condensation: Condensation is yet another cause of dampness inside the house. It is also the most common cause of dampness and moisture inside of a house. Condensation occurs when water vapors become trapped inside the house. When warm air comes into contact with the cool air, it causes condensation. Black mold is possible when condensation problems are not quickly resolved.

These causes are some of the most common reasons your home becomes damp and are the issues that damp proofing specialists can remedy. You need this valuable protection.

Call a Specialist Today

If any of the above problems are noted at your home, make sure that you phone a professional to help you remove the mold and make any other repairs. Mold can cause serious problems that you do not want to encounter. And then, make sure to phone a professional to assist you with damp proofing the house sooner instead of later. The sooner the job is done, the sooner you can stop worrying about these problems in the future. You owe it to yourself to damp proof the house without another moment of delay. It is money well spent.